Hammer Time

October 10th (according to most sources, although some says it’s October 11th) is the anniversary of the Battle of Tours (732ce) in which Charles “The Hammer” Martel and his army decisively stopped the Moorish army, then continuing a seemingly unstoppable Islamic series of conquests, from taking over France and maybe even eventually the entire rest of Europe.

Thinking about it, at the time it may have seemed that this battle would have been better for Europe back then if Moors had won, because it was the start of the Islamic Golden Age with advances in mathematics and astronomy. But then as Europe eventually rose out of its Dark Age 600 years later, Islam sank into its own Dark Age which I think is essentially still going on.

But, either way, I think it’s worth drinking a beer to, given that drinking alcohol possibly wouldn’t allowed if the battle went the other way.


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